Where has time gone?!

Its been a long time since my last post but as you all know life has a way of becoming overwhelming. Nothing to complain about when the object of this business is more work. I’m blessed to not only have a good 9-5 job but also have the ability to work as a photographer as an extra income. More hours in my day job plus wedding season equals very little free time to think let alone post.

I decided to throw up some photos from the past couple of months. Everything from a wedding to going to Sleep No More in NYC and everything in between. Sorry this isn’t more of a cohesive photo post but its a little more time-saving to do it this way. Enjoy.



 image image 







A ride around my beloved city

This weekend I rode my third 5 Boro Bike Tour in NYC. For those that don’t know what this is its a bike tour around all 5 boros of NYC. It’s about 40 miles and you get to ride on highways and over bridges you would never get to without a car. It’s a lot of fun and a gorgeous way to see wonderful scenic backdrops of the city. I didn’t take my full frame camera with me but I took some snaps with my iPhone to share. Hope you enjoy.