Baby Steps in Medium Format

Happy holidays to all! Its been hot minute but life has been all kinds of hectic as of late.

About a month ago I picked up my first medium format camera and what a pleasure it is. Really makes you think a lot more about your shots that digital just doesn’t. Seeing how I am primarily a digital shooter it has more of less taught me how that I know a lot less than I thought I did. I pretty much how to relearn how to shoot and for the first time learn how to process my shot via analog vs digital. Ive yet to delve into that part of the film process but I will shortly. In the meantime I picked up a polaroid back to go with my newly purchased Mamiya RZ67. I shoot mostly in B&W so picked up some BW polaroid film to match. Here are a couple of shots I have taken and scanned. Cant wait to throw some 120mm film and really see what this camera can teach me. Enjoy!!


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