Jazz Age Lawn Party-2013-Part II

Took a while but I finally finished the Jazz Party photos..Another successful fun 1920’s lawn party down in the books.. It was a hot one but it was still a sold out show and people were still dancing the day away.. Enjoy the photos and hopefully Ill see you on the dance floor..


DSC_8099-Edit-1 DSC_8105-Edit-1 DSC_8106-Edit-1 DSC_8108-Edit-1 DSC_8112-Edit-1 DSC_8115-Edit-1 DSC_8131-Edit-1 DSC_8132-Edit-1 DSC_8133-Edit-1 DSC_8134-Edit-1 DSC_8135-Edit-1 DSC_8139-Edit-1 DSC_8140-Edit-1 DSC_8145-Edit-1 DSC_8147-Edit-1 DSC_8161-Edit-1 DSC_8162-Edit-1 DSC_8167-Edit-1 DSC_8170-Edit-1 DSC_8180-Edit-1 DSC_8181-Edit-1 DSC_8183-Edit-1 DSC_8186-Edit-1 DSC_8187-Edit-1 DSC_8190-Edit-2 DSC_8191-Edit-3 DSC_8192-Edit-4 DSC_8204-Edit-5 DSC_8206-Edit-6 DSC_8211-Edit-7 DSC_8217-Edit-10 DSC_8225-Edit-12 DSC_8244-Edit-13 DSC_8245-Edit-14 DSC_8248-Edit-15 DSC_8255-Edit-18 DSC_8256-Edit-19 DSC_8266-20 DSC_8269-Edit-21 DSC_8272-Edit-22 DSC_8274-Edit-23 DSC_8275-Edit-24 DSC_8277-Edit-25 DSC_8278-Edit-26 DSC_8280-Edit-27 DSC_8307-Edit-28 DSC_8309-Edit-29 DSC_8317-Edit-30 DSC_8320-Edit-31 DSC_8321-Edit-32 DSC_8323-Edit-33 DSC_8334-Edit-35 DSC_8336-Edit-37 DSC_8340-Edit-38 DSC_8342-Edit-39 DSC_8349-Edit-40 DSC_8352-Edit-41 DSC_8357-Edit-42 DSC_8360-Edit-43 DSC_8368-Edit-44 DSC_8377-Edit-46 DSC_8398-Edit-47 DSC_8402-Edit-48 DSC_8413-Edit-49 DSC_8421-Edit-51 DSC_8424-Edit-52 DSC_8430-Edit-53 DSC_8434-Edit-54 DSC_8439-Edit-55 DSC_8445-Edit-56 DSC_8448-Edit-57 DSC_8450-Edit-58 DSC_8451-Edit-59 DSC_8453-Edit-60 DSC_8454-Edit-61 DSC_8469-Edit-65 DSC_8471-Edit-66 DSC_8472-Edit-67 DSC_8474-Edit-68 DSC_8481-Edit-70 DSC_8484-Edit-71 DSC_8496-Edit-73 DSC_8498-Edit-74 DSC_8542-Edit-83

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