Friday Portraits-Week 5

Week 5 of my personal project and a fellow coworker, whose heard of my portrait shots from office talk,asks me if I would be willing to contribute them into a catalog for the office. Kind of like a photo album for the floor. She’s even willing to help get me other subjects. Of course I explained the decision was up the the participants and since all of them have a copy of his or her photos she should ask them personally. Keeps me pissing someone off for giving their photo away to a minimum. I think it was a good move. Unfortunately this co-worker is a little forceful about getting these photos that Im afraid she’ll scare off the rest of my future subjects from letting me shoot them. Guess I’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

This weeks subject is named Mike. He’s a pretty quiet guy who was born and bred in Brooklyn. He has a pretty strong demeanor but if you get to know him youll see he’s a pretty great and friendly guy. I asked him to take some shots and he was def hesitant and only said yes if we can do it in private and stop if anyone see’s us. I agreed. He was just in the hospital a couple of months ago to repair his heart. He almost had a stroke and only had about 30% or so oxygen flow through his body. He had a irregular heart beat and damage was pretty severe on one side of his heart. He’s doing great now and is thankful it was caught in time. He looks and feels 100% better.

Hope you enjoy the photos and stick around for next weeks portrait.



3 thoughts on “Friday Portraits-Week 5

  1. Great portraits. In the first one I really like the pale reflection in the window.

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