San Fransico

So this year marked my first trip to the bay area. I’ve always wanted to visit and having a good friend move back to SF last year gave me the perfect opportunity to finally make my trip happen.I packed my bags and made an impromptu visit. Such a great place with great people. My 5 days there was not enough time to fully see what this great spot in the US had to offer. Having hiked a national park, spent dusk at the beach site seeing playing seals, taking naps at Mission park and partying at night in the city I can see why this is such a wonderful place to live. Everything you’ll ever need in such a small distance from each other. Feel like the beach-no problem..Feel like a hike in the mountains-no problem. Want an art/wine festival to go to on a sunday-its there..These are some shots I took documenting my time in SF. Enjoy

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