When life gets in the way..

…you inadvertently go into hiatus mode in all things secondary, like time for friends,editing photos or even writing on your blog. So here I am again.

So much change since last I stepped up to the blog plate. End of another school year,(never thought at my age I would still be saying that), end of a relationship, end of the cold bitter weather,(which I hate), and the beginning all a slew of new changes. Summer is here and that winter depression has been lifted and substituted for summer excitement and lots of outdoor drinking.

. A new camera and the switch to full frame are looking like a promising start. Now that I’m winding down this time a year I hope to be throwing some more photos and stories up. Lets hope I get my ass moving and do some traveling soon. I need some inspiration. I am actually thinking about getting back to basics and using this space more like a photo diary than a space to show off my “best pics” as I originally intended. Thats really what a portfolio web page is for and I already have one of them. So anywho, I’m glad to be back and Ill be reading your blogs and catching inspiration in your photo’s my fellow wordpressians.

Good day to you all.

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