The Roaring 20’s are still alive and well in NYC..

This last summer I was shocked by not only never going to the 20’s inspired lawn party on New Yorks own governor’s island every year but also that I never even knew about it!! I thankfully ran into a posting for it online early enough to go to the last of the biannual affair.

Who wont love a gorgeous day with unlimited cocktails, live music, a DJ spinning on 2 actual phonograph turntables between sets,  playing dress up and dancing the day away??! All for about $20..I didn’t think anyone would say “NOT ME!”

This was one of my favorite experiences in NY to date. Top 5 for sure. I am an instant fan and will be going again this summer. I suggest if you’re in the area you do the same. From what I remember its done twice a year..Once in June and once in Aug. At least that was the case last year.

These photos are long over due but here is a taste of the roaring 20’s in NYC..


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